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How Will Coronavirus Affect Contractual Relationships and Obligations?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted practically every aspect of American life. Whether closed by government order or by concerns about public safety, millions of businesses around the country have seen their operations come to a halt. Despite the overwhelming effect of COVID-19, it is not a certainty that an “Act of God” clause in a Read More

Understanding How COVID-19 May Have Affected the Value of Your Estate

The economic and personal upheaval triggered by the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to warrant a review of your estate plan, no matter how thorough you think it is. As Americans cope with health fears and financial volatility, it’s worthwhile to determine whether a will, trust, advance medical directive or other legal instrument needs to be Read More

What Happens if You Host a Gathering While in Quarantine?

Along with the serious health risks associated with coronavirus, Americans are burdened by quarantine orders and similar directives that forbid them from seeing their loved ones, even for major events such as holidays and birthdays. It can be tempting to try to break the rules, especially for people who believe that they don’t fall into Read More

Can You Bring an Emotional Distress Claim Related to COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is not only potentially deadly, but can be transmitted by individuals who are not showing any symptoms, so people might fear that they’ve contracted the illness even if they feel fine. While the virus has existed in the United States for months, obtaining a test is still difficult in Read More

Communicating With Your Ex About COVID-19 Custody Issues

During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, family becomes more important than ever, especially for children whose schedules have been disrupted by long-term school closures and the cancellation of other activities. Parents who are divorced or live apart for other reasons know the importance of maintaining healthy communication through difficult situations. Though this situation Read More


The phrase Respondeat Superior is a Latin term for Let The Master Answer.  In essence, the concept (in modern terms referred to as the Law Of Agency) is that when one person takes action on behalf of another, both the actor and the person on whose behalf action is taken may be liable for the Read More


In personal injury cases, addition to past economic losses, consideration must be given to the possibility that the Plaintiff will suffer future economic losses as well. Often, particularly in the case of younger Plaintiffs, these future economic losses may represent the majority of the Plaintiff’s total damages. Those future damages, whether they be medical, vocational, Read More


The Missouri Financial Responsibility Law requires that each vehicle operated in this state be covered under a liability insurance policy or bond meeting the minimum statutory limits.  The named insured on the policy is, of course, provided liability coverage under the policy issued for that vehicle.  In addition, the permissive use of the vehicle by Read More


One of the most basic principles in the law is that the party who asserts a fact as proof of an element of a cause of action must prove that fact to the requisite standard of proof.  So how does a party prove a negative — prove the absence of something? For example, §303.025, RSMo. Read More

Negligent Entrustment

Allowing other people to operate your personal property may result in you being liable for any injuries the borrower causes — under certain circumstances.  Whether it be a truck, car, boat, or other personal property, the concept is called Negligent Entrustment and addresses the question of when property should be loaned to other people, and Read More





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