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Family legal conflicts can haunt you and your children for years. At Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. in Rolla, we provide professional advice and advocacy to our family law clients so that they can protect your legal rights in an efficient manner. Our Rolla family law attorneys have more than a century of combined experience assisting south-central Missouri residents with divorce, custody and other domestic matters. We can deliver the representation you need to overcome difficult times and move forward confidently.

Advocates represent clients is Rollas divorce proceedings

Ending a marriage is never enjoyable, but with the right legal guidance, you can emerge with a strong foundation for the future. Our firm counsels Missouri clients on issues such as:

  • Grounds — Missouri allows spouses to file for a no-fault divorce when a spouse states that a marriage is broken and cannot be preserved. However, traditional fault considerations might affect decisions on custody, spousal maintenance or property division. Our attorneys will evaluate your circumstances and advise you on how to proceed.
  • Property division — Under the state’s equitable distribution standard, courts divide marital assets based on what they believe to be fair. This does not necessarily mean that each party will receive a roughly equal share. We advocate for a result that takes into account our client’s needs and contributions to the marriage.
  • Spousal maintenance — Alimony awards can be granted to divorcing spouses who are not able to support themselves financially. If your marriage is ending, we can help you assess the factors that affect maintenance decisions.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements — Creating an effective marital agreement can help couples protect their rights and avert the stress and expense associated with property disputes should their marriage end. Our firm helps draft, negotiate and enforce these documents.

Though each divorce is unique, courts generally seek to resolve disputed issues within a period of six to eight months. If the matter is uncontested, it might be as short as 30 days. No matter how your case proceeds, we provide comprehensive legal support on divorce matters from start to finish.

Rolla lawyers help parents obtain fair child custody and support terms

During a divorce, parents of minor children must focus on the needs of their sons and daughters. When agreement on custody cannot be reached, most courts seek to have children maintain close and frequent contact with both parents. Determinations are made concerning both decision-making authority for the child (legal custody) and where the child will reside (physical custody). We bring all necessary information to the judge’s attention so that the custody order truly serves the child’s best interests. If one parent is awarded physical custody, our lawyers help prepare a detailed parenting plan that addresses issues such as the amount of time children spend in each home, holiday arrangements, and transportation. When child support is in question, our lawyers work to make sure that calculations are based on accurate and complete information.

Seasoned advisers assist with paternity issues

Our firm provides knowledgeable legal guidance for family law concerns including:

  • Paternity — If there is some dispute regarding a child’s father, our lawyers represent clients who seek to establish or deny paternity. We can advise you on relevant issues such as legal procedures and scientific testing.
  • Adoption — In both domestic and international adoptions, our firm helps prospective parents overcome procedural problems so they can add a child to their home.
  • Modification — Changes in circumstances can mean that custody, support or alimony decisions are no longer fair. When this happens, we can take quick action to seek appropriate adjustments from the court.
  • Parental relocation — When custodial parents seek to move away from their former partner, our attorneys handle negotiations and litigation concerning parental rights and the child’s well-being.

We never forget the personal and emotional stakes involved in these matters and work diligently to reach positive, long-term resolutions.

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