Accomplished Missouri Law Firm Advises on Wills and Probate

Knowledgeable attorneys help clients protect and distribute assets

After working a lifetime to accumulate assets, isn’t it better to ensure your estate will be distributed as you wish rather than leaving that decision up to the government? The estate planning attorneys of Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. in Rolla take a strategic approach to drafting comprehensive wills so that clients can feel secure that their property and loved ones are protected. Since 1930, families throughout south-central Missouri have relied on us to develop and execute effective estate plans. We will guide you throughout the entire process from the establishment of goals through the ultimate distribution of estate assets in probate.

Rolla lawyers enable individuals and families to create effective wills

Sound estate planning starts with the development of a detailed will that gives clear instructions on how your assets should be dispersed. Firm attorneys assist with tasks including:

  • Drafting — We use the knowledge gained through decades of will preparation to help clients create a document that addresses each aspect of their estate and reflects their overall estate planning goals.
  • Dispute resolution — While a clear, complete will is the best way to avoid probate problems, our firm understands that conflicts do arise. We have both the skill and experience to litigate disputes among estates and potential heirs.
  • Revision — Circumstances such as a divorce or significant financial event can change your priorities quickly, but people often neglect to adjust their wills accordingly. If you have not reviewed your will recently, we can go over the terms with you to ensure that everything is accurate and up to date.

Whether your estate is simple or complex, we will provide advice that is suited to your specific values and goals.

Skilled counselors guide clients through the Missouri probate process

Depending on the size of the estate, probate might be required to shift ownership of property to the decedent’s named heirs. Missouri offers an independent supervision option in addition to the traditional court-supervised probate. However, both processes require detailed work to gather assets, manage financial obligations such as taxes, and disperse each piece of property once the estate is settled. Our firm works on behalf of estate representatives and beneficiaries to locate heirs and ensure compliance with legal requirements and the will’s instructions.

Lawyers prepare advance directives and powers of attorney

An important but often overlooked element of estate planning concerns the instructions you leave in case you become incapacitated. Our firm works with individuals and families to develop clear, authoritative directions regarding medical care and financial matters. By drafting and executing documents such as living wills and powers of attorney, you can spare your family from having to make heartbreaking decisions and ensure that your wishes are honored.

Contact an established Missouri firm for assistance with wills and probate issues

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