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Along with custody and the division of assets, child support is frequently a contested issue that must be decided during separation or divorce proceedings. Of course, it’s important to you that your children are protected and that your support obligations are fair and appropriate. It is important to us, too. With a history that stretches back to the 1930s, the Rolla child support lawyers at Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. have provided generations of families with skillful legal help. If you are anticipating or involved in a child support, divorce, or child custody matter in south-central Missouri, we are here for you.

Straightforward guidance about child support

The state of Missouri expects both parents to contribute to the financial support of their children. Our family law attorneys have substantial experience working with clients and the court to ensure that children are supported according to the financial, visitation, and child custody arrangements agreed upon by parents or ordered by the court.

Whether you anticipate paying or receiving child support, it’s important to consider the following points about child support in Missouri if you are contemplating or have already filed for divorce:

  • Unless both parents have approximately the same incomes and financial obligations, it is likely that one parent will pay child support.
  • Child support is factored through a state-mandated formula that takes into account criteria including monthly gross income, maintenance costs, additional child-rearing costs and expenses, and adjustments for overnight visits.
  • Overnight visitation with children is an important aspect of the child support calculation. The higher the number of overnight visits, the lower the child support payment.
  • Conflict between parents can spill over into conversations about child support, and either parent may attempt to evade their financial obligation after the divorce is final. For a parent depending on child support to provide for basic needs, loss of support can create a serious financial problem. The Missouri Department of Social Services provides assistance on enforcement and collection of child support orders. Failure to pay court ordered child support in Missouri is a criminal offense.

The objective of child support is to create a healthy environment for children based on the financial capabilities of their parents. When you have specific questions about your child support case, it may be time to visit a family law attorney.

Modifying your child support arrangement in Missouri

At times there may be a change of circumstances that impacts your payment or receipt of child support.  For example, a job loss or a significant salary increase may be reason to consider a modification to the amount of child support that you receive or pay.

An income swing of approximately 20 percent is considered the baseline for modification of a child support order. An attorney can help you navigate the modification process, which requires convincing demonstration that the current support amount is inappropriate. Simply stating that a party is now unemployed is usually not enough to change a child support order; the court still expects each parent to contribute to the well-being and maintenance of the child.

Our child support attorneys are familiar with the challenges you face as you work to create a good future for yourself and your children. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to explain your options and support your choices, either through adept negotiation or litigation when needed.

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