Accomplished Rolla Firm Facilitates the Mediation Process

Trustworthy attorneys handle personal and business conflicts

In resolving legal disputes, burdensome litigation may not be necessary. Mediation, a method of alternative dispute resolution, offers numerous benefits and helps parties reach mutually acceptable terms, even when compromise seems unlikely. The experienced attorneys at Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. in Rolla are sensitive to the issues clients face and have the skills to advocate effectively in all types of mediation. Working with a neutral third party can resolve disputes outside of court in business and personal cases. Our firm represents clients throughout South-Central Missouri and focuses on achieving an appropriate result that minimizes the disruption and helps each side to move forward.

Examining the benefits of alternative dispute resolution

Mediation can offer distinct advantages over litigation when parties are willing to come together to try to resolve their disputes in a neutral space. Among its benefits, mediation is:

  • Cost-effective —The costs of a typical mediation are significantly less than those of a lawsuit. Pursuing mediation can help you to solve your problems without having your bank account drained by legal fees and court costs.
  • Private — While court cases are a matter of public record, mediation occurs in a private forum and the terms you agree on can be kept confidential.
  • Time-saving — Lawsuits can be drawn out over years, but mediation may be concluded in a matter of days or months.
  • Personal — During mediation, you are encouraged to communicate openly to hash out your issues. Unless you and the other party give the mediator power to make binding decisions on your behalf, you are free to decide on the parameters of your agreements.

Mediators are trained in methods of problem-solving and negotiation. A mediator does not choose sides but offers an informed, neutral perspective in order to forge a resolution addressing both parties’ needs.

Determined mediators find fair comprises to civil conflicts

Staying out of court can relieve stress and help avoid irreparable damage to your relationships. Mediation can be especially useful for:

  • Divorce — Hiring an attorney in a divorce can cause costs and tensions to escalate quickly. To help keep the dissolution of your marriage civil, a mediator will consider the desires of both sides. Property division, child custody and other important matters can be decided in mediation.
  • Business disputes — Contract issues and conflicts among partners or employees can markedly affect a business’s ability to operate. A mediator can find ways for individuals to part amicably or to overcome their issues and continue working together.
  • Community disputes — For people who live in the same community, mediating a disagreement can prevent painful and awkward future interactions. Neighbors who want to avoid filing lawsuits against one another may find solace in mediation.

The mediation attorneys at Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. can provide a thoughtful, unbiased review of your circumstances, outline the potential options and develop a strategy acceptable to all parties.

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