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Automobile & Pedestrian Liability Issues

Automobile & Pedestrian Liability Issues

Differences Between Public Roads and Private Parking Lots The law related to collisions between automobiles and pedestrians on public roads is different than on private parking lots.  The standard of care and the rules of right-of-way are entirely different. On public roads, a number of statutes apply to the interaction between motor vehicles and pedestrians: Read More


Do I Get Coverage From All My Insurance Policies On All My Vehicles? Many people own more than one vehicle, and so have purchased more than one insurance policy.  By way of example, assume you own two vehicles, each with an insurance policy and for which you have paid a separate premium.  Do the coverages Read More


Types Of Insurance For Personal Injury Cases Liability Insurance — Section 303.025, RSMo. requires that the owner of a motor vehicle registered in this state (or required to be registered) must maintain financial responsibility for the vehicle.  Without financial responsibility, the motor vehicle owner may not operate, or permit another person to operate, any vehicle. Read More


Protecting Yourself From The Negligent Driver With Insufficient Liability Insurance The Missouri Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Laws are designed to ensure all vehicles operated on public roads carry Liability insurance.  §303.030, RSMo. (and other statutes) provide that each vehicle is required to carry not less than $25,000 in Liability coverage limits per person per accident.  Read More

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